Spring Pictures!

Hello all!  I am so so sorry!  I had this post done last week and was all ready to post, but somehow, it got trashed and now is completely missing, so I’m redoing it.  

Today, I am continuing with my Winter Pictures Post (check it out here) and I’m doing Spring Pictures, because it’s almost summer!!  To me, all of June counts as summer, but here in the PNW, it’s pouring rain, so I’m not really in the summer-y mood, which is why this post is perfect, it will get me in the summer spirit!  

Spring is the time where everything is blooming.  To me, spring is a promise that warm weather and summer is coming!  Colors are popping up everywhere, flowers are blossoming, and rain is more than normal.  (Which I usually don’t mind because I am a pluviophile)  When it rains, I love to wear oversized sweaters, and fuzzy socks and cuddle up inside with a good book and tea or hot chocolate. But after week after week of rainy days and windy nights, I start hoping for the over anticipated sunshine to peek out of some clouds and warm us all up.  Where I live, when the sun is in the blue sky on a week where it’s been raining, everyone is in shorts and eating ice cream.  (Which is kinda my favorite)  

So today, as I am sporting my socks and sweater, I am going to show you my favorite tumblr-ish pictures I have taken this spring!  My absolute favorite thing to take pictures of (besides people and roads and water and snow and pretty much everything) are flowers!  I LOVE flowers!! So I apologize if over half of these pictures are flowers 😇 and now that I’ve rambled for a million years, here are my photos!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Well, that’s all I have for today, thanks for reading!  Comment below your favorite of my pictures! (again sorry for SO many flowers)




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